Property Valuations

Plaza Property Valuers a fully licensed Chartered Surveyors firm offering property valuation services throughout Cyprus.

We are members of both the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) and ETEK (Cyprus Technical Chamber). We are constantly educating ourselves on all aspects of Property Valuations, as well as the Real Estate Industry of Cyprus.

We offer the following types of valuations:

  • Valuation of Commercial Properties.
  • Valuation of Residential Properties.
  • Valuation of Land.

For the Following Purposes:

  • Financial/Lending Purposes– We undertake the valuation of property for financial institutions (Banks,Coops) in Cyprus when a customer wishes to obtain a mortgage.
  • Accounting Purposes– We deliver valuations for financial statements that comply with the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).
  • Insurance Purposes– We assist insurance companies value the reinstatement cost of properties.
  • Acquisition/Disposal Purposes– We undertake the valuation of properties in order to assist sellers in determining the true market value of their property, as well as buyers in order to assist them in determining the market value of a property they are interested to buy.
  • Taxation Purposes– We undertake the valuation of property in order to assist the owners in determining whether the value estimated by local tax authorities is in fact accurate.
  • Rental Purposes– We value properties to help property owners or tenants determine whether the rental price paid/demanded is accurate. This includes valuations for rent reviews.

Our company aims at offering the highest quality of service including ethical practices as well as following all international best practice procedures. We are also Regulated by the RICS.